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Everyone needs a little help to follow their dreams. . .

An enchanting story for junior readers reaching all the way to India
and the world of the Asian elephant, and ending in the happiness of Divali.
Written by Penny Dolan and illustrated by Helen Craig.
Walker Books. £4.99 pbk. ISBN 978-1-4063-0082-6

Once there was a small wooden elephant with a wish:

When night came, the small elephant looked at the empty pool of moonlight. He thought about what the mouse had told him: wish for what you want, wish for what you dream about. "I wish," he thought, as hard as he could, "I wish I could see the white palace again."


Then a shy young musician with a problem:

Sara lifted her flute, but her heart was beating too fast. Mr Green was always angry when she was late. He'd got even angrier when she explained about the elephant, and now . . .now, she couldn't even concentrate.
"Sorry," she whispered, a blush spreading across her pale brown cheeks.
"Start again," Mr Green ordered, gruffly.


And a teenage cyclist struggling to overcome her fears:

The pinboard . . . was covered with maps and charts and lists. In between were newspaper clippings showing Nita standing beside proud sponsors.
"What if I don't make it?" Nita said. "How will I face coming back? Meeting those people again?"


And even an angry boy with a promise to keep:

As soon as Jack met Angus, he'd made a decision. He would never, ever, ever speak to this man. It had worked fine at home. Jack had kept his mouth shut and his eyes blank, and never said a word to Angus. He was determined this trip to India wouldn't break him either.


Plus several interested mice along the way:

A crumpled biscuit wrapper beside him rustled and a new mouse pattered delicately across it, picking up leftover crumbs. She eyed the small elephant.
"Excuse me, are you another relation?" the small elephant enquired, thinking of the mice he'd met so far.
"I'm a very distant great-great niece, three times removed," she smiled, whisking her tail fetchingly.
"Pleased to meet you," the small elephant said. "But why are you interested in me?"
"Maybe we are all interested in a journey," she said. "Especially one with a wish in it. How has it been so far?"

Read THE THIRD ELEPHANT and find out!


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